Heart health fitness
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Recent articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association have determined that moderate exercise helps heart patients feel better.  While it seems obvious that exercise would make you feel better, the study’s have shown that there was not any risks for heart patients with stable heart failure.

An exercise group was sent home with at treadmill or exercise bike and told to workout anywhere from 120 to 200 minutes per week.  After 3 months this group felt better than those that didn’t exercise and after 2 1/2 years they were less likely to be hospitalized.

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick an exercise regiment and get moving!

Source: CNN

As I have spent a lifetime battling weight, time and again I find myself looking at various fitness equipment and products.  I have  been through treadmills, cross-country ski machines, Bowflex home gyms, etc.  For the most part, you get what you pay for when it comes to home fitness equipment.  And lets be honest…if you fail in a fitness program it’s generally not the fault of the equipment.  🙂

My latest web search has been for treadmills and I just feel like many sites are poorly done and provide little information.  So this is my attempt at providing some (hopefully) valuable information to those of you that are looking for home fitness equipment.

Now, am I doing this solely out of the goodness of my heart?  In a word…no.  🙂 

On the site you will see links that lead you to the manufacture sites, retail sellers, etc.  If you follow these links and purchase a product, then I get a commission.  However, I will not oversell or make any attempts to deceive you.  My goal is to provide some good information to you and maybe get something back for my efforts.  Hopefully this is a win-win.

Oh…and about the name Fitness Flea…just look at the about page.

Thanks and enjoy.